Campus Information

The teaching locations of all ITP Education Group institutions are modernly equipped to encourage a healthy learning environment.

Teaching Facilities

ITPEG provides contemporary learning facilities for students studying IIBIT/FedUni courses in Sydney and Adelaide. There are fully equipped lecture facilities with visual projection equipment, seminar-size classrooms and fully equipped computer laboratories with fast internet access and appropriate software. Staff and students may use computers, photocopiers and scanners to facilitate successful teaching and learning.

IT Facilities

Students are provided with a computer account to access all study resources. Our computing laboratories contain workstations that are equipped with a high speed internet connection and software necessary to complement student study needs. All computer labs are networked for printing. A student user account is required along with an I.D. card to print and photocopy, colour printing is also available.

Wireless access is available to all current students and can be accessed via any Wi-Fi-enabled laptop or mobile device that supports WPA2 wireless security.

Library Facilities

The Library is open from 9:00am to 8:30pm from Monday to Friday. There are plenty of resources including reference books, journals, newspapers, workstations with internet access and Wi-Fi. Sufficient books that are relevant to your course are kept for self study.

Students need to present a valid IIBIT student ID card in order to access Library facilities including photocopying, printing and email services.

Student lounge and recreation

IIBIT provides a student common room with basic amenities, such as a microwave, vending machine, fridge, boiling water, pure drinking water, Foxtel satellite television and table tennis.

Quiet Room

A specially designated room is available for students on Level 3, which may be used for meditation purposes.

First Aid Facilities

First Aid Kits and supplies are kept on the premises. The First Aid Officer responds immediately to requests for first aid assistance.